Tuesday, May 4, 2010

...About The Novelty Wearing Off

Being a girl, working among guys, sometimes being the only girl around, can give me loads of headache. I don't know, but seems like, lots of guys like to make jokes, in a way almost as if they were trying to impress me.

Like seriously, if the jokes are funny, of course I'll laugh at it. But if you are gonna repeat the same bloody joke every single time we meet, I'll just give you my "Dude, are you serious?" look. Come on, you ain't no Russel Peters yo.

Then there's the guys who starts one joke, and squeeze out every single drop of humour juice from that joke, til there's nothing left. And I ain't laughing no more. It's like, ok, for example, someone starts a "your momma's so fat" joke, after the 6th or 7th joke, it's not funny anymore, cos chances are, things got lame by then. Yeah, like that.

Then there's guys who talks punchline. Like, every single sentence that comes out of his mouth is a joke, or what's supposed to be a joke, in his head. And I get sick of trying to laugh about it, I just walk off. Some of these guys ain't even funny to begin with.

Then there's the dirty jokes guys. People, jokes don't have to be dirty.

Neither does it have to be uber stupid.

Or maybe, my sense of humour is just on a different wavelength. Thank God there is one guy whose jokes I can roll with. Somehow other people don't get his jokes, but I do.

You just gotta know some vocab and language man. Y'all been exposed to too much stupid jokes and raja lawak.


ArchDyeu said...

You had to use Russel Peters huh, nobody gotta' hurt real bad?

See, cant help myself, i'm a dude, and this is what dudes do. Somehow over the years, it has been established that the way to get a girls attention is 3 main factors.

Good looks, Money & lastly Humor.

But guys when in a group tend to be funny, we talk, we laugh, we have fun. So i guess nothing can be done.

Though i must say, i am not without my moments when i've gone to far. Hmm, lumrah hidup la katakan....

Diyana said...

well i just think people who wants to make jokes, should be able to sense it when the humour's gone dry. T_T