Tuesday, December 7, 2010

...About Breaking Things for A Living

So here I am, wondering what to write to update my cobweb filled blog. It's a public holiday today, and exam day tomorrow. BAD COMBINATION.

So yeah, done my notes, all I have to do now is go through ALL OF IT AGAIN.


Now, I'm accompanied by the sound of hacking, banging, whacking, cracking, breaking.

A house in the row behind my house is renovating. One of the workers is breaking down a wall. I peeked out my room window and watched. All I could see was bricks creeping out from a wall. (the fella was hitting it from inside, so can't see him)

All I could think was "That sure looks like fun." Cause I sure feel like breaking down a wall right now.

Imagine slamming a sledge hammer against a wall, watching it breaking and crumbling. Almost therapeutic.

I sound like a maniac now.

Ok byez.


ArchDyeu said...

One problem here, you must 1st be able to carry that sledge hammer over your shoulder. Say you accomplish this, then you must be able to swing that same sledge hammer over your head, on a almost 90 degrees angle from the ground, gaining momentum and accumulating energy at peak of the sledge hammer then transfer that accumulated energy to the wall hoping to make a dent.

Don you wish you have a magic wand now? Haha.....

All the best on exams tomorrow

Diyana said...

You evil evil man. I'll find a sledge hammer compatible with my size! hmph!