Wednesday, October 7, 2009

...About Bento #10

I haven't pack a bento in ssoooo long that I had to check my older posts before numbering this one.

Ladies and gentlemen, hereeeeeee's #10!

Sorry about the color, used my phone to capture this, setting was a bit off. On the top, is spaghetti aglio olio my version with the garlic still there, slices of beef frankfurter and mixed herb. Bottom is a wedge of pomelo and in the silicon cup are some Sunsweet prunes.

On the left hand side is a Starbucks mooncake given to me by a friend, will review it next post. Brought it along to share with my gang.

Wrapped it up like this..

My friend peeked into the paper bag that I brought this in and went "What's this??!!"
I was like "That's my lunch."
Then he said "Open it! I want to see how you open it! So cute!"


Here's to more bentos!


Emily said...

Wot? you mean with all the bento stuff I supplied you, you did not get a BAG??!!?? how could I have let that happened!!!????

Diyana said...

too lazy to dig d bag out off the box....