Thursday, October 1, 2009

...About Papa John's Pizza

Here's the thing. Whenever something new comes to our shores, to me, I think, it is always better than the previous one that we already have here.

Pizza Hut (PH), many many years ago, that was the only pizza we know of. Then came Domino's. Which is better than  PH in terms of value and taste (again, according to me). Now, there's another one, Papa John's. Seriously, I think it tastes a lot better than the former two.

First time there, ordered a set for 4. The first thing that came after we ordered was this...

I was like, okayyyyysssss.... I went back to the menu. The yellow one is Garlic Sauce.WARNING: Garlic sauce packs a punch of garlic on your tongue, do not have it on it's own, must dip. Pizza the Papa John way is, "you haven't had Pizza til you had your pizza doctored the Papa John way". You can either splash some of this sauce onto your pizza, or dip the crust in. I'll get to the crust later.

The red sauce, is tomato sauce I think. The green things are Peppercini (if I'm not mistaken) It's not hot at all, but very salty. I suggest you smother it with the tomato sauce.


The first pizza is some raya special one, can't remember the name, It had sambal in it, But did not taste bad, unlike some other places when they decide to put local flavor in their pizza, it comes out tasting funky, in a bad way. This one was ok. The second one is Chicken Super Papa. Both were ok lar. Not exactly lip smacking delicious.

Now, one thing about the pizza. The cheese on it. It has a lot of cheese. You know when you watch PH advertisement on the tv, when they pick up a slice of pizza off the pan,strands of cheese are pulled from between the slice and the rest of the pizza on the pan? But in reality, it doesn't happen? The cheese are clean cut when the staff slices it, no streaks of cheese to tantalise you when someone else is taking a slice (if got also, 1 or 2 strands only kan?) . At Papa John's, it's freaking real okays!!!!! Seriously! Joy! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ok, ok.

I wanna talk about the crust. Now, I am not a fan of normal crust pizza (read:prefers thin crust) because they are thick and tasteless. But this one, their crusts are thinner, about 3/4 the crust of other places. And, get this, the crust tastes good. Seriously, there's some seasoning or whatever in the dough. Either that or I'm imagining things. Whatever you do, dip the crust in the Garlic Sauce, please and thank you. Seriously. Regret it you will not.

Moving on.

Marco Polo spaghetti. The spaghetti was overcooked, as I expected, same as everywhere else. No praises here. No surprise either.

The set came with Papa's Platter.  Consisting of, 2 chicken wings, some potato wedges, and onion rings. Okaylar.....not bad.

Overall, the pizza size is slightly smaller than other places. The crust taste good. Price wise, I'd say, more or less the same. They have delivery service too, but limited to certain areas only, as they only have 3 branches in the country.

To all the buffet monsters out there.....

Haha, what's the point you open a branch in Malaysia without having an All-you-can-eat promo right? Exactly...

This is a so and so review lah. Go to their website to find out more aight?

So That's What I Think.


Emily said...

That was my second meal there! Can go for a third meal lah. Like the chicken wings, the pizza - the crust is nice!

BTW your sis got me the pink and blue coke glass oledi!

Diyana said...

hmm, now it that supposed to be a hint? >_<

KudaLaut said...

best lah weh... i want u to treat me!!!

Diyana said...

tak tau malunyer mintak org belanje!! bluek!!!