Thursday, October 8, 2009

...About Bento #11

This is my first time using this sandwich box (plenty of other bento boxes I have yet to 'rasmikan') First of all, sorry if I offend anyone (read mom) by using the cling wrap to wrap the sandwiches, as I have nothing else to wrap it with and I do not like the idea of the bread being expose to the atmosphere.

Anyways, top tier, tuna mayonnaise sandwich. Bottom tier is potato and egg salad. Looks a lil empty at the bottom, should have squeezed in a silicon cup of prunes right? Haih, was rushing.

I couldn't find a strap big enough for this box, but I found an elastic string in the box, so I guess it goes together?

Wrapped the box with the same cloth as in #10. Did not put it in a paper bag this time, proudly carried it as it is :)

No bento tomorrow, rest from early morning kelam-kabutness. Will be back on monday y'all!!

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