Saturday, October 17, 2009

...About Starbuck's Mooncake :Berries & Cheese

Yup, thaaaaat's the flavour. Doesn't it sound so weird? I mean berries? and cheese? Seriously? Come on! Berries and Cheese in a mooncake? Get out of here!

Seriously, the flavours they come up with these days, most of the time it makes me cringe just hear their names.

I received this mooncake from a close friend of mine. I thought Starbucks would come up with a "Mocha Cream Mooncake with Espresso Shot" or something like that. But this?!

I was very-very skeptical about how it's gonna taste. I wasn't gonna try it alone and have to finish the whole thing by myself. So I shared it with the gang whom I knew will at least try it once, just to know what it tastes like.

So we cut it up, and braced ourselves.....

Here's what I was expecting, a gag-gingly super sweet burst of flavor in my mouth with a weird mixture of strong cheese.

Turns out, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be! No, it is NOT the best tasting mooncake, but it was surprisingly ok. It was not super sweet at all, and somehow, the taste of the cheese actually blended in nicely with the berries.

However, I wouldn't buy it though. Just to give it a try, ok lar, but to actually buy on every mooncake festival? Nah! I'll stick to my classic single yolk lotus paste thank you very much!

So That's What I Think.

p.s: sorry about the colors of the pics.


Emily said...

any idea how much each? still eating mooncakes.. last piece left. Any year I am going back to jelly mooncakes!

Diyana said...

dun rmmbr how it costs larrr...we'll go check next year. ahaks.