Friday, June 10, 2011

...About Tony Roma's

Been hearing and reading nothing but good stuff about the food at Tony Roma's. So I decided to have a celebratory dinner there.

Went to the branch in Sunway Pyramid. Let's just get to the pictures shall we?

Bread and herb butter, on the house.

Bottomless juice. yes, I iz cheap skate.

Beef Ribs and Chicken Tenders

yum yumm

Salmon and Shrimp

Close up bebeh

Most of the items on the menu allows you to have 2 side dishes of your choice. Which is cool, cause you don't have to be stuck with a side you don't really fancy just because.
Service was very good. Juice got refilled everytime it got less then 1/4 of the glass. Waitress was able to explain the dishes. Darn good service okays. Worth the money you're paying.

I know all rave reviews are for their ribs, but I don't fancy the ribs much. To me the winner is....

The Mash Potato. CHAMPION!
It's like divine intervention I tell you!


Emily said...

Now, celebration dinner....

What shall I be congratulating you for?


Bento Pet said...

Try the onion rings! They are heavenly!

Lee Culture said...


Diyana said...

Em: clue, it was on april

Pat: will do!

Fadzliak: just enough lar, there's never too much food. hahahahaah