Monday, June 20, 2011

...About Fuel by Jeremy Chin

In my last post about books, I mention that the last book I read was very good and that I'll write a review about it soon. Well, now is soon.

Fuel. This book. When it first got shoved into my hands - by my mom - all I did was read the prologue. And it got me interested. The whole idea of the story in the prologue was a great way to present the essence behind the actual story of the book.

Because I think this is a very good book, I'm going to try my very best to actually write a review. Bare with me.

The main character, Timmy, a Brit, a successful man. Lost his parents when he was young. Never opened up his heart to anyone. Very into running. Been training for most of his life.

He has 2 goals in life. To nail his dream job is the US, and run the NY marathon. He doesn't take part in any marathons, he just trains, and plan to one day take part in the NY marathon and win it.

Then one day, he does lands his dream job. But he also falls in love. He made a choice between the love of his life and the dream job in US.

Turns out, the love of his life, Cambria, also runs. They trained together and made plans for the NY marathon.

Finally in NY, both excited for the marathon. On the eve of the marathon, tragedy struck, leaving Timmy devastated.  This book has a tragic ending. No cliches. Nice, but tragic ending. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I like Jeremy Chin's style of writing. Straight to the point sentences. Not much flowery sentences. Even when he's describing something, it's sharp and clear.

Here's my interpretation, Timmy, who's been training all his life for the marathon, only to lose his fuel for life - Cambria - in the end, runs the first and last marathon of his life, ending it as well, because he has lost his fuel to carry on living.

Will definitely pick up and read any other titles by this author.

Good job man.

Fuel- The Book FB page
Jeremy Chin's homepage.


Jeremy Chin said...

Hi Diyana,
Thank you for posting up your thoughts on my book. I think we are all familiar with the term "struggling author". Every bit of publicity I receive goes a really long way, and moves me closer to my dream to one day be able to write for a living. Glad you enjoyed the book, and keep up the good work with your blog.


Diyana said...

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for dropping by. I don't think I did your book justice though >_< I'm not good at writing reviews. But I did enjoy the book. All the best and keep on writing!