Wednesday, June 15, 2011

...About Books I'd Like To Delve Into Soon

I haven't read a book in a long time. The last book I've read was at least one and a half months ago. Which by the way, I forgot to write about. It was quite a good book. Will put up a post on that soon (no promises though)

On the few occasions that I find myself out and about and in a bookshop, I always come across books that I want to read, but by the time I reach home, I'll forget what the books were. So, a google-ing we will go.

First up, number 1 on my fave author list, John Grisham.

image from

Second, one by John Irving

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Third, just because I've read the rest of the Shopaholic series, one by Sophie Kinsella.

So here's to hoping these books will turn up at my book hunting grounds soon! I haven't paid RRP for a book in years!

Have you read a book this month?


Emily said...

Just ordered the two Johns' books! let you know when they arrive. grisham's yours, irving's mine but you can borrow first! heehee

John Grisham's Theodore Boones is now available at Bookxcess woh...

Bento Pet said...

you've got my favorite authors there!!!!

Diyana said...

emily: so semangat ar?! i thought we don't pay retail price for a book anymore ;p

Pat: good taste. ;p

Emily said...

thebookdepository! no shipping!