Saturday, July 26, 2008


Finallyyyyyy!!!!! (fergie style) I have rearranged the stuff in the kitchen cabinet, cleaned the stove top and table. Wiped the kitchen cabinet, swept the floor, and mopped the floor. Washed the kitchen cloths and floor mats (ok, ok, the washing machine washed them, not me)

Ah, it feels so good to walk on freshly mopped floor. *bliss*


In a way, it's a good thing that I do all the cleaning
Because I get to clean it the way I want it, arrange things the way I want it.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA (that's supposed to be an evil laugh)


Well, had fried rice for dinner today, did not take picture cause it's nothing new.

Tomorrow! I am heading into civilization in the shape of seremban. Found out about a thread/craft shop from a friend of mine who's mom use to do crochet(or was it knitting) once upon a time.

Salary is in bebeh! We'll see if the shop has tatting thread. After that I am heading to jusco. Grocery shopping. Any kind of shopping helps. At least grocery shopping is shopping for food that I will eat right?

Enough of electrical fundamentals for five days. I am giving myself a break until sunday night. Will resume electrocution on sunday night as to prepare for class. I am becoming so much of a nerd this days. God help me.

Oh and thanks to classes, I am usually sleepy after twelve, up latest by nine on weekends. ON WEEKENDS!! Something is really wrong with me.

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