Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Me and Cooking.

I have been cooking more and more since I moved to Nilai. No, scratch that. I have STARTED cooking since I moved to Nilai. First few months here, I ate out everyday with my friends. Then eating out took it's toll, same thing again and again. So I started cooking, simple dish lar, not your maut giler-babeng-sedap type of food. Just to cater to my taste. Mostly chinese style. Anything fried with oyster sauce. Yee Mee! My greatest achievement!! Because to eat out, Yee Mee tak halal, unless you buy the one at the airport food court. SO overpriced, don't taste that good.

Aaaanyways, here's what I had for dinner.

I had spinach soup with century egg.

Fried fish fillet with black pepper sauce.

It tasted how it should taste. Which is good enough for me.

Ok, I practically have nothing else to blog about.

Supposed to be revising. Going through module 3: Electrical Fundamentals. No, I do not have an exam tomorrow. I have to practice revising everyday from now on.

This is crazy, until recently, I have never, NEVER studied in advance. Even when my mom calls me and asks what I'm doing, and I say I'm studying, she'll ask "got exam tomorrow?" My bf gives the same reaction.

Oh my, how my study patterns have changed. And no, the studies aren't tougher now. In fact studies here have been dramatically dumbed down compared to what I studied in diploma. It's the passing marks that's killing us!!!

Oh well. Let's get excited about current.....


Emily said...

Happy that you are cooking good meals on your own.

Some how or other, still feel that your place lacks an oven......?

Anonymous said...

i lovee century eggs.. yummyy


Diyana said...

no!!! no oven!!! it will only distract me!!

imagine the cleaning up i have to do.