Saturday, July 26, 2008

Kitchen Misadventures.

So I went down to seremban today. But I didn't go to the thread shop though, couldn't find the shop. Was reading the signs outside the shops but couldn't find it. Did not want to risk banging into the car in front of me while I was busy looking left and right. So I thought, oh what the heck, I'll find it another day.

Headed to Jusco then. Finallyy bought the miso soup paste!!! :) no funny funny labels on this one. In fact the ingredients and directions are in English. Then, I went a little crazy and bought these....

I actually only need one medium sized frying pan. But then buying one piece was more expensive than the 3 piece value set! So I bought the set. RM29.90 only. The measuring cups and spoons, well, keep reading.

This is what I had for lunch.

Rice, boiled chinese cabbage and cauliflower, hard boiled egg and wakame in miso soup.

So here's the misadventure.
That's red bean paste. What for? I made mochi today. Well, at least, I tried to make mochi. Tried very hard. The dough was very very sticky. Flour was all over the table. I tried twice, and actually made a second batch of dough. You know, all the recipes tells you the ingredients and stuff, but they don't freaking tell you how to handle the dough!!!!! I mean they tell you to dust your hands and utensils with flour, but they never really warn you!!

So after playing with flour, here's the result......
But it tastes just nice.

Can somebody tell me how to do it properly?? Please and thank you.

Anyways, need opinions..
What does these shapes look like to you?


Anonymous said...


nak sikit


Emily said...

Are you having enough protein?

Wahhh so adventurous!

I bought one each for you and Molly, the plastic box (4 square compartment) for freezing food.

Emily said...

ps: the mochi looks very good for a novice's first attempt!

A & B? Very nice!

Diyana said...

there are protein in eggs mommy!

thanks for the box, same pattern ah? very cute lar all the bento box. at first i tot of bento-ing my lunch, but then like not nice lar, i pack for myself, other ppl look only.

thank god the tatting looks like A n B. 24 more to go.

ArchDyeu said...

Ohh.... Mochi... (had to google it)

And you found miso soup, bagus. Tak perlu i cari cari sample kat sini.

My admin takde, if not bole i ask about the dough. I see her friday nanti i tanyakan la......

Diyana said...

so good to know someone living in japan kan? hahahahah. thanks.