Thursday, July 24, 2008


That's Japanese for fried eggs. I got the recipe from here.

Here's how it looks like.

It's a little brown. I think 1 tablespoon of soy sauce was a lil too much. Will reduce the portion next time. Other than a lil bit salty (because of the soy sauce), the sweetness is just right. Will make it fatter next time, maybe fold it more. This is only made from 1 egg. At first I thought one egg would not be enough, but it turned out just right. I'm not full, but not hungry, just enough.

But of course I did not just ate white rice with the tamagoyaki, got to have vege right?

Chinese cabbage and cauliflower fried in oyster sauce. The good thing about oyster sauce, when you put enough of it, you don't even have to put any salt at all.

Sorry if the pictures aren't up to standards, my camera's battery is low, was too lazy to charge it first(so sue me). Will charge tonight.

Today's class was.....well......I was totally zoning in and out half the time. I was looking at the instructor, I can hear him, but I wasn't actually listening. Everything was swimming around in my head. AC...DC....lead acid cell.....nickel cadmium cell.....relays...solenoid.....cables.....aircraft battery......charging......volts.......ok see you tomorrow.


Surprisingly Jin was feeling the same way too. Oh gosh, have to read up on it tonight. The instructor was going round and round and round. I've been not so good in electrical subjects since my diploma. Guess I have to work twice as hard for this module. "JOY" T_T


ArchDyeu said...


Hahahaha........ I'm jus kidding...

My friend kata, the soy sauce is not to pour into the egg when you're to batter all the ingredients, the soy souce if for after you dah gulung gulung the egg, then dah potong then you bole have it like a dip in the side, or bole cam sprinkle on the egg.....

But add into the egg before frying pun tak salah, but highly unlikely done in actual practise.....

Emily said...

So slow with the oyster sauce... not very healthy to put in lots into your dishes!

Try other condiments too like: salt, pepper, tau cheoh, etc etc

Diyana said...

mystro: well, i din say i was good at making it! hahahahahah.

mommy: ok ok, will start using the salt again frm now on >_<