Friday, June 27, 2008

I Signed Up For PPP!!!

Yes, exactly what the title says.

This is the whole reason why I went to get my debit card! d'uh! This is going to sound so cliché, I know it WILL sound cliché, and I DON'T CARE if it sounds cliché!! Because at times like this, if there is a chance for me to make some extra dough, why not?

I blog every week anyways, why not get paid to do it? What with the hike in petrol price, and then the price hike of everything else due to domino effect, it is about time I did this too! Been wanting to sign up with payperpost for quite some time now, it is just that I had to get my paypal account set up and all.

Few months ago I went through a phase of.........well a phase when I was so crazy about finding ways to make more money, because some people are making so much money left right top centre bottom, selling this and that. Then my mom’s friend recommended payperpost. Did not actually take it up at that time, because I did not have a paypal account.

Then recently, my friend started blogging for money. I guess when someone I actually know and closer to does it, the excitement is even higher. Got him to explain about it to me, he even told me how to get my debit card (you know who you are). So, went to get my card, signed up for payperpost, signed up for paypal. Voila!!

Ladies and gentlemen! (or whoever else that’s reading this blog, dudes,dudettes)

I am on my way to make more monay!!!!(I KNOW it’s spelled money, me not stupid ok?!)

(I can hear Poetic Ammo’s Monay Monay playing in my head right now)

We’re going shopping!

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