Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Post of Tats.

That's pretty much what I've been doing for the past few days. Eager to finish my big project. A lil spare time, I'll continue my tatting. Here's a picture of my current project.

Here's a close up of it. Sorry lar the picture is a bit blur, zoomed in too much. I don't remember where the pattern is from. I think it's from a tutorial teacher Faizon gave me. It's originally a pattern for a bookmark. But am making it longer, and putting together many pieces of it to make a table cloth.

Some people must be thinking, WTH? I thought she was an engineering trainee??? Hell yeah, we gurls can be tough and girlie at the same time okayyyyyyy.

Here's another piece I've just tatted. A handphone ornament requested by a colleague. Was quite shocked when HE asked if I could make one for him. And he actually searched the internet for a pattern o_O well, he sent me the picture. The website just showed the picture, no pattern was given, so I actually had to do a lil trial and error before getting the shape. I don't think I made it to the exact stitch count but looks the same lar. original design is by someone named Irina Astratenko, found on or you can click here.

Met up with my mom, sis, and her bf (sis's bf, not mom's >_<). Had dim sum for lunch near yati's office. Got these tatting books from mom (well the title does say a post of tats, so bear with me aight)
Oh dear, just realized there are a few more things that I wanted to take a picture off, but my camera's battery is low, and my laptop is connected to the plug point, which I was too lazy to connect the extension, and my laptop's battery is not inserted. (o_O panjang nyer penjelasan) So I can't unplug my laptop now. Will do it later. Probably will upload it tomorrow.

Going to the dentist tomorrow. Was wondering why my orthodontist didn't put the colored rubberbands on my braces like everyone else's. Shall ask him tomorrow.

Have to buy some stuff tomorrow. Will either go to JJ seremban or giant. See lar how rajin I'm feeling tomorrow.

Oh, I was in Klang for the weekend. Yes, you read that right, I was in Klang. (stop laughing okaayyyyyyy) I had to go back and show face larrrrrrrrrr. And get my well deserved allowance (ye ke well deserved? ahaks) Anyways, had to get the engine oil changed. My dad changed it, then looked at the tires, said they were teruk, so he took the car to change all four tires AND rims. ;p trade in lar, and he bought back traded stuff, so, not so exppiiiaannnsive lar. But I bet the Hantu was fuming lar, everytime I comeback, sure spend money on the car. Sorrrryyy, naik lorrrryyyy. kekekekekekekekekeke

Don't care.

Funny thing, I am confident if someone asks me to topup the aircraft's engine oil,replenish idg, or change the idg filter, but when it comes to cars, sorrryyy. I've already changed the aircraft's wheels, but I have yet to change a car tire. ahaks.

The only thing I know about cars is, start engine, on aircon, on radio, lights, pump petrol, topup radiator water, topup wiper water. lebih kurang itu je lar. Useless kan? name jer nak jadik engineer. ahaks.

Dayum, rambling tak tentu arah already.

Back to tatting....taaa


Emily said...

I changed the car tyre once and it took me 15mins from start to finish!

And for your information: always loosen the nuts on the bolts first before you jack up the car to remove the tyre.

And in the meanwhile ~ check your car boot to see if you have all the tools at hand and that emergency TRIANGLE thingy to put way before your car to indicate destress.

Diyana said...

yes mom!