Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Whuddup Yaw?

random recall:
If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something. Murphy's Law yo.

Here's how my day went. Woke up, went to class. Badabing badabam, class finished. Went to maybank, to change my atm card to a debit card, the guy said I had to pay RM12, and wait for 30 mins. I was like, what the heck, my friend told me no need to pay for the card. So what the heck, I thought I'd do it another day. But my housemate needed to change her atm card because it wasn't working. When she was done, guess what? The new card she got, was the visa debit card......there's more. I asked her whether she paid 12 bucks. She said no. I'm like What the heck!! He told me I had to pay 12 bucks!! I was pissed, lucky thing I didn't go ahead and paid the money. Best thing was, she wasn't even applying for the debit card, she just wanted a new atm card.

STOOPID. (no, i'm not stupid, I just like to spell it that way) I can't think of a reason for the bank guy to ask me to pay when the next person wasn't asked to pay. GERAM.

Then, walk out of the bank, went over to the area where I parked.
I was like "Where's my car?" All 5 of us stopped dead in our tracks. "It's there lar, aik, don't have wan.." I was panicking like giler already. Look left, look right. DUDE WHERE'S MY CAR!!!!

Then my friend was like, "Haiya! there lar! next to the taxi! tak nampak!!!"

HEHEHEHEHEHEH false alarm. my car was hidden from view, but it was there. DRAMATIC BETUL.

anyways, anyways, the real point of me posting this now when I'm supposed to revise is this short trailer video. (hence the hip-hop sikit title)

uh huh uh huh.


That's the official music video trailer.

I know it's very-the-short!! But wait for the release! Watch this space (ammogurl what....I'll surely update here wanz)

or go str8tothepoint, I mean str8tothesource.
I mean...you know what I mean lar.


ArchDyeu said...

Well... well.....
If it aint my winged sis......

How'd ya been gurl...?

Found ya blog on random on All Malaysian Bloggers, i thought that was you, haha....

Holla' at me aight...!!

Diyana said...

heyya ma winged bro all da way in to-ki-yo!!!!!!!!

thanks for dropping by!