Saturday, June 28, 2008

People, Food and Books.

The title roughly describes what a bookcrossing meetup is like. Went to this month's meetup at Delicious in Bangsar Village 2. I only picked up 2 books. I have so many books on my shelf I have yet to read!!! Currently reading Richard Branson's Autobiography "Loosing My Virginity" and John Grisham's "The Innocent Man". This is the first time ever that I've failed to finish a John Grisham book in 2 days. I've obviously been neglecting my books!!!

I haven't even started on "Playing for Pizza"!! OMG! What's wrong with me!!! Most of the time I read all the books that I have, but as of now, there are 10 books that I either haven't started on, or haven't finish reading it. Oh dear.

Anyways, these are the books I picked up from today's meetup.


never heard of this one, but, no sweat, just read and release.

Let's move on to the food!!! There's no meetup without food! oh, and books too (heheheh)
Starters, here's what my mom ordered for starters while waiting for the rest of the members who stayed true to malaysian timing ;p.

Roasted Tomato Bruschetta


Fried Calamari (nama glamour for sotong goreng tepung, hihihi)

Katie's lunch, Lemon Meringue Pie.

My lunch, Carbonara Spaghettini.

Now if you don't believe that our bookcrossing meetups are always about people, food and books, let me prove it to you.

So there, people,food and books. Oh, and this is Gary who released the child in him by drawing on the place mats.

After the meetup, some of us proceeded to a reading at Seksan.

Lydia Teh author of "Honk! If You're Malaysian"

Mom listening attentively. Notice the decorations? It was at an art gallery.

That's about it. Dunno what to type anymore. Oh, if you have no idea what bookcrossing is, click here!



Emily said...

Sweetheart, i think the link to bookcrossing is wrong.

Very well written and nice style!

ArchDyeu said...

George Carlin...!! Pinjam....!!!

on a side note,
rm12 pun kecoh...!!!
I'm jus kidin yo....

zarina said...

Did you two went to Urbanspace? It's a black hole for me to that area.

Diyana said...

mom: edited the link!! typo!!

yatie: rm12 pun duit jgk ok!!! aku gaji kechik!!! kene buat ivertime ok!!!

zarina: didn't go in the end, was counting the hours, didn't want to drive home at night, and not sure of the area anyways.

k0k s3n w4i said...

gosh, i'd love to attend something like that. the people around me just don't like to read enough.

I know why you can't finish "The Innocent Man" in two days. It's the most boring thing Grisham ever written -.-

nanged ur post cos I think we seriously need more literate bloggers in the community :)

Diyana said...

oh hey, thanks for dropping by.
well, I wouldn't exactly say the book is boring straight out, to me it's slow, and the flow is not like his other books (probably because it's not fiction)

zarina said...

I stopped reading Grisham before his Painted House. To me Grisham is a crime court story teller.

Emily said...

I quite enjoyed "Playing for Pizza"! Finished in two seatings.