Friday, June 27, 2008

I Beg to Differ.

random recall:
have you realized how everyone else's stuff are shit and your shit are stuffs?
George Carlin.


So I went back to the Maybank near LCCT to change my atm card to a visa debit card, this time determined not to pay rm12. Why? Because
1. My friend who changed his card did not get charged.
2. My housemate who replaced her spoiled card did not get charged.

So there I was, filling up the form, submitted it, the teller took my fingerprint and what not. Then he told me to pay 12 bucks. Then I asked him why the girl who changed her card yesterday did not have to pay? He said because her card wasn't working, it was spoiled. So I said, well my other friend changed his card with no charge.

His colleagues then said, you do not get charged if your card is spoiled, because the fault is on their side. Wa-hey! That makes a whole lot of sense! Except that my guy friend's card wasn't spoiled. They then asked me, where my friend got his card. So I called my dear old friend. He said he did it at the very same branch. The teller who processed it was a lady. So they called the lady, but she was busy. He told me to wait. Fine, I'll wait, no rush.

At that time, it was already past office hours. Jin (not MC Jin) was there waiting with me. We were bitching about them cursing about us behind the counter. ahaks. Then the teller called me to the counter.

JENG JENG JENG, Moment of truth.

He handed me the new card and ask me to sign the acceptance form then said "Takpe saya bayarkan" I was like "Huh?!" he replied "Serious, takpe, saya nak cepat ni, kalau nak tunggu lambat."

Okayyyyyy, fine, pay for my card. Ain't my problem y'all can't get your policies straight. He most probably put my card under spoiled anyway.

Why I refused to pay? Well, their concept doesn't make sense.

No charge for a new card if your current card it spoiled.
I would agree to this policy if it applies to newly issued card, which is already spoiled even before you have a chance to use it. That is definitely their fault. BUT!!!! A spoiled card after using it for years should not be applied with the same policy, there are many factors that could have rendered the card un-serviceable.

By charging customers for simply wanting to get a debit card makes no senses. In fact it is somehow discouraging your customers to do so. I wouldn't have mind paying if everyone else had to pay. My friend went to the counter, said he wanted to change his atm card to a debit card. He got a new one free, no questions asked. How come they did not check with him if his card is spoiled? He was issued a free one just like that.

Come to think of it, do they actually check the cards that are claimed to be spoiled? If yes, fine. If no, then why bother having different policies for spoiled and unspoiled card? For all you know, the card claimed spoiled is actually still working, they just wanna get out of paying rm12.

Call it consumer rights, call it i'm-always-right. I don't care.

I didn't have to pay for my card. Veni Vidi Vinci.

Have you heard that the government is rewarding RM 1 000 000 to Olympic Gold Medalists?
So THAT'S why they can't afford the petrol subsidy anymore. Sheesh, how silly of me.

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