Monday, June 9, 2008


I'm seriously running out of ideas for the titles of my post. Creative juices are running dry (not to say that my titles were very creative before).

Anywayssss, bought this shirt last week(or was it last last week?), while waiting for bf to come to JJ Bkt Tinggi. He had free tix to watch Indi Jones.

I really gotta stop buying statement tees. I have too many already. When I look back at this tee, I feel like I kinda regret buying it, because after thinking further about the statement, it means I allow people to bother me and drive me crazy, when I actually couldn't care less. sheesh. Stupid rite. So, anyone wanna buy it off me?

Coz I don't need medication, I just get rid of people who annoy me. ahaks. ok, harsh. what the hell.

Let's move on to food! This is what I had for lunch. Angel Hair spaghetti with beef meatloaf,broccoli and cauliflower with mushroom and herbs sauce. Sheesh, I'm making me sound like I'm such a good cook. NOT!! Just trial and error. (and the sauce came from a jar) Can't really see the sauce in the picture.

Not to say I hate the normal spaghetti, but, kinda tired of it, so my mom suggested buying the fine one. Ok lah, thinner, not so mouthful. The whole thing tasted...well...actuallyyyy macam takde rase lar pulak, but ade rase sikit. Dunnolar, maybe that's how the sauce is supposed to taste? I dunno. I'm not so particular about taste, as long as it doesn't taste dayum bad.

Moving on to dinner. I call it Nasi Goreng Black Pepper. Tasted like it had too much black pepper. I used d instant mix for black pepper beef. Won't be cooking this again anytime soon.

Does anybody know where I can get miso soup PASTE? I can only find miso soup POWDER. I don't fancy the powder type, they only come in packets of 10, and costs RM10+. With the paste type I can use as much or as little as I want.

Let's talk about petrol. My dad has this idea where you keep your tank full, so that you only pump a little each time, which won't cost you as much as a full tank. So I tried that today. He pumped it full back in klang. So the needle was past the full mark. I drove from klang to pj to nilai to seremban and on the way back to nilai I pumped it to full. Before I pumped I checked how much I've used up, it was only a little below the full line, almost halfway down approaching the lower line. It costs RM26 to pump it back to full!!!! GILER LAH!!!!

Sod it, I'm not gonna follow my dad's theory.

Let's change to NGV.


Senorita Valentina said...

NGV is going to make your car heavy you won't have much booth space! LOL...

Diyana said...

but it'll still be much much cheaper!!

aiyo, but will cost a few thou to install d ngv kit.

juz rambling....

oneandonlyme said...

hehehehe.... think you can get the paste at isetan supermarket.... or cold storage......