Sunday, June 15, 2008

AWAM Hunt For Equal Footing

It was a star studded hunt (ye lar tu..) Well, the Chong sisters, Rovilson, Anne, Diane and Adrian of Amazing Race Asia 2 where there. So was Daphne Iking. That's not what I want to talk about.

I have participated in 2 hunts in my life so far. One was back at school, another is the Spirit of KL as a researcher. From what I went through today, sadly, I have to say that this hunt was not well organized. And for their 5th charity hunt, you'd think they'd worked out the kinks already.

First thing is, briefing on anything at all about the hunt was only done on the day itself, prior to flag off. Before that, participants who've never joined their hunt before have no idea what the hunt will be like. Turns out, this hunt is more for the hardcore treasure hunt enthusiasts. Nothing like Amazing Race or the Spirit of KL. This treasure hunt involves solving riddles/questions by searching for the answer at a designated area. Answers to questions are in sequence, meaning if you found the answer for the next question, that means the answer to the previous question is back there.

Organizers failed to inform us that we would have to spend money and make purchases throughout the hunt. In fact, answers to some question can only be found in a book that they are selling for RM15. We also had to solve riddles to find out the 'treasures' that we are supposed to BUY and bring back.

A lot (I wouldn't say MOST, but definitely more than a few) of the riddles doesn't make sense, when they explained the answers, many of us was pissed because they didn't make sense. To the organizers it makes sense, because they came up with it! I've done this kind of riddle hunt before back in school, and everything makes sense. When we didn't get something, and our teacher later explained the deciphering to us, we went "Oh yeah, should've thought of that" but today was mostly "What the heck???!!!!"

There were a lot of anagram involved. And each of them has different identification that even hints that it was an anagram. There's no way for us to know if it's an anagram, unless of course you came up with the riddle.

Other than that, I think this one is pretty important, there was no medical team on standby in case of emergencies. Not that anything happened, but when you have 600+ people roaming the streets under the hot sun for your event, don't you think you should prepare for the worst?

And the whole filling in the time in between lucky draws, auctions and prize giving was pretty lame. They filled in the time with, a, I don't know what to call it, a recital? a sketch? about their cause. Number one, sound system was bad, could hardly understand what they were talking about. Number two, another event was going on at the same time at the other concourse area which has a better sound system, like what the heck? Number three, trying to preach gender equality to 600 odd people who has been under the sun half the day does not work. No one was even listening to what they were saying. Even if they did, just bits and pieces here and there.

Hunt For Equal Footing, was it achieved at the end of the day? BIG FAT NO. But they did get the money they wanted.

Oh, and my team didn't win. We didn't even finish it, ran out of time. Explains the ramblings huh?


Iceblender said...

I can really understand what you are feeling here, but take a chill pill. One thing that i know from my personal experiences is that the more you hunt the more you will be getting the hang of it. Even though my team only finished tenth yesterday, we had really gain a lot knowledge of things that are more than meets the eyes. My advice to you is relax, join more hunt to work up your skills. Ps. The treasures that are bought usually ends up in charity.

oneandonlyme said...

that must have sucked!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why did you called me in the middle of a photo shoot asking about World War II airplanes. Hehe. Well, nothing beats the Spirit of KL! If not for that stupid restaurant for the first clue, I would have a Nokia phone in my hand now. Hehe. Ah, miss the good ol' days of the Spirit of KL.

Diyana said...

iceblender: just ramblings, needed to let the steam out. not really a die hard hunter pun sebenarnye. thnx for dropping by.

mspuzzles:sgt2 lar sucks!!

jehan: so sorry for kacau-ing ur photoshoot. btw, jawapannyer Spitfire. mase tgh carik jawapan, my frens were like, "u're in aviation! u shud know!"

Visithra said...

thanks for dropping by and most of all for cheering for me while i was on stage - malu tapi suka ;p hehe