Friday, June 20, 2008

Here's What I Think....and I don't care if you don't care....

but first...
random recall: "Serial number lama, kau tulis kat sini. Serial number baru kat sini. Pastu yang untuk abnormalities ni, kalau mase kau buat keje tu rase sejuk ker, seram lain macam ker, kau tulis kat sini"


The Government Cutting the Ministers' Special Allowances.
10% cut from their entertainment allowance? Banyak mane je tuh? Traveling allowances, they make a lot of money ok, why give them money for traveling? They don't need it, they can afford it on their own.

MAS tarik balik special traveling privileges from Tony.
I'm not being bias here, but, how childish can you get? It's like you can't think of a better come back. Macam budak kecik gaduh, pastu "Aku tak nak kawan ngko, bagi balik mainan aku" Why do you need to compete with us anyway? We're low cost, not in the same category as you being a national airline and all that frills.

Your Flight is Delayed.
Be thankful that they are actually delaying the flight. Because that means they are rectifying the defect on the aircraft instead of letting you fly on an aircraft that's unfit to fly. Ingat kite suka-suka je ke ground aircraft? It's work ok? Our responsibility to make sure it's safe for you to fly. If it's bad weather, not our fault, we don't control it.

OJT ends, Class starts.
Relief, not that I don't like OJT, but too much of something is bad enough, too much of nothing is just as tough.

This Shop.
MENAKUTKAN. It's for members only. Like what you have to do to be a member? Drink goat's blood?


Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister currently enjoys a monthly entertainment allowance of RM18,865 while his deputy gets RM15,015. Other ministers and deputy ministers are given RM12,320 and RM6,000 respectively.


we save about RM40-50k monthly. but really, insignificant!

Diyana said...

so much money for them for what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ey, i heard someone went back to puffing now. wat happened?