Wednesday, June 30, 2010

...About D*cks

I've heard of the term 'cyber-dick'. Used when two people are in a stupid argument online.

Well today, I've coined a new term, 'aviation-dick'. It's when guys are trying to show off their skills, trying to show they're better (in my field of work).

I'm sorry man, but when you work with me on a task, Imma be working. Chivalry does not apply to me at work. Assess the situation and see which part of the task you can help out. You don't necessarily have to do the part where you can show your strength. Yeah yeah you're a man, you're strong, you have big muscles, big deal. You seem to have a big ego too man.

You see, unlike you, I know my limits. I know how much strength I can keep, how high I can reach. I know when there's nothing else I can do - unless I can suddenly develop super human strength - I ask for help. I step back. I let the people who know their stuff - but don't swing around their aviation-dick for everyone to see - to teach me what to do. Cause if you know you're only gonna screw it up, why do it when you can avoid it?

Your ego is so big you won't take advise from people. When other people do something wrong you make fun of them. When you do something wrong, you get mad at them for making fun of you. Heh. If you wanna dish it out, be a man enough to take it man.

I have had it up to here with people like you, everyday when I work with you I am this close to telling you off in colorful language.

So take your 'big' aviation-dick and keep it in you pants before I hack it off with a blunt axe and feed it to the pigs.

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Haha. More stupid ppl?