Saturday, June 5, 2010

...About Good Girl Gone Bad

Usually, I'll be a good girl, and not shop so much. Only shop for what I need. Or if not, shop for something I want and will use regularly. But for the past few weeks, I succumbed to temptation. I think it all started with Bandung.

I went there with the intention of getting my shop on! But I couldn't get any clothes cos the type that I like costs about the same here. But I did get away with 3 handbags!

So, with the frustration of unaccomplished shopping, I kinda continued it back here.

Bought 2 pairs of cotton leggings at Chic Pop Bazaar last Saturday.

Then, discovered Cotton On was on sale.

Long cardigan.

Flower power skirt.
I usually go for black when I buy clothes because they're easier to match, but then one day while trying to put an outfit together, I realized most of my clothes are black. Like warafak was I trying to match?!!!

Then I splurged at Miss Selfridge. Main reason was because I had the 20% off voucher. The promoter at Topshop was like, "Since you have 20% off you should really shop". I gave in to temptation. But decided not to do it at Topshop.

Real hot tube dress. By hot I don't mean that it keeps me warm, I mean that the dress looks hot ;p

Hearts mini skirt. Costs more than the dress >_<.

Not forgetting all the blings I bought for my Project BBLLIINGG. Together with a protective plastic film.

Oh Gosh, I calculated the damage done.

A lil more than 300.

Almost as much as the cost to change my car's 2 front tyres, 2 bushings, 2 some other thing I forgot what it's called, alignment and balancing. >_<

No more shopping for the rest of the year.


mollyjinxed said...

hahah jarang sekali ko nk beli baju corak bunga polka dott

Diyana said...


ArchDyeu said...

All that money, could have been spent on your car, sigh......

Diyana said...

I've ALREADY spent that much on my car.....