Sunday, June 20, 2010

...About Music

Back when I was in secondary school, I immersed myself with music. Conversations with friends are always about our favourite boybands, their albums, their new songs. Allowance was spent on magazine to keep up with the latest news.

Then, somewhere along the way I lost interest. I don't know whether it was because of the money issues as a student, the crazy workload, or the fact that I could never attend any shows/concerts because of the matriarch ruler of the house, but somehow, I lost touch with music.

The only part of music that I've kept in touch with til now is supporting Poetic Ammo religiously.

Recently I got blasted with music. I became a small part of RedAMP, the search for ASEAN's best band, brought to you by AirAsiaRedTix and MTV. I was part of the crew on duty for the screen test of the semi-finals.

The adrenaline rush and joy came flooding back. Plus the talents that day were all so good. It's like I got lost, then I found my place again.

It was a damn cool day filled with music. Meeting bands from all over South East Asia. They came from all walks of life, brought together with the love for music.

If you wanna know more about the contest, head on over to  and click on RedAMP. You can see the list of the semi-finalists. They're available on youtube, just search them. These bands are crazy talented. They will be reduced to 10 bands on the 23rd, and the public will vote for the top 3 finalist. Do you part in the search for ASEAN's best band!!

I'm looking forward to be part of this event til the end. Bring it!

All the best to the semi-finalist!

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