Tuesday, June 1, 2010

...About Project BLLLIINGG

 I recently got a new phone. The people who know me in person knows that I've blinged my previous phone.

So, this new phone came with 3 back covers. So my fingers were itchy lar, I can bling it 3 times yo!!

So for the past few weeks I went on Bling shopping online and off line. Yesterday something came for me in the post.

The last blings that I needed to start my project!

So I was blinging the whole afternoon and night yesterday (not counting the time I had to go out, but other than that, the whole time I was home, I was blinging)

As you can see from the picture on the box, there's 1 plain black cover, 1 plain yellow, 1 yellow with motif. Instead of yellow, I got white, cause Malaysian stock is white. I blinged the plain black and plain white, and also the front face of my phone lar.

Here's what I did to the front face..

The tiny blings are so cute and classy.

Here's the plain black...

I actually blinged this last, using leftover blings.

Here's the main project, you ready for this?


A girl in a pink dress taking a walk in a park with a red heart shaped balloon.


Anonymous said...

haha comel nya.... pandainya buatttt


Diyana said...


ArchDyeu said...

wow, i actually am speechless....

Diyana said...

wow, i'm speechless that you're speechless.