Sunday, June 13, 2010

...About Malaysian Drivers and Their Cars.

Now now, don't get me wrong. I'm Malaysian, and I'm a driver. I make mistakes too, and some days I drive like hell broke loose. But you know the thing that everyone does? Point out other driver's mistakes. Oblivious to our own. I'm about to do that right now. Here's how it's going down.

Drive on any road, and there's a speed limit. It's up to you whether you want to drive below the limit, within the limit or above the limit. Whatever makes you happy. But let me tell you this, please drive on the correct lane. If you're going to drive slow, stay on the left lane. If you're going to drive fast, stay on the right lane. If you're on the wrong lane, please change lanes for God's sake! And signal when you do so! All it takes is a flick of your finger!

If there's an accident, owhmaigawd, if it's not blocking your lane please do not slow down! Especially if the accident is on the other side of the road! Why do you slow down? Seriously? When one car slows down, it sets off a chain reaction of a 5km crawl. Grow up people.

Then there's the toll booth. For goodness sake, read the sign for the lane that you're going to enter, don't go to the wrong booth and cause a delay for the 10 cars that are behind you.

Then there's those who change the lights on the car. They either change the color, or the lighting coordination. Red signal light. Like really? It only blends in with your brake lights which will also light up as you slow down to make a turn. Automotive engineers have researches done on which color can catch our attention better. Stick to status quo man. And having your reverse light illuminate together with your brake lights? Are you serious right now? So how am I supposed to know when you really want to reserve?

And please for your own sake, if you're not the world's best driver, please do not put a sign on your car that says "World's Best Driver" o_O Save yourself the humiliation.


ArchDyeu said...


I'm guessing not a good day on the road for ya? Do what i do, repeat loudly in the car when those happen, "idiots are everywhere...!"

Diyana said...

hahaha, yala, when you drive a lot on a daily basis sure to bump into loads of idiots.

i shall practice your mantra, thank you bro.