Wednesday, June 2, 2010

...About The Presents.

Ok so, I'm only putting this up now, cause I waited for everything to be in my hand so I can post the pictures up here.

Ok, first of all, Thank You all for the presents!!!! It was like I turned 21 again. I put up my wishlist for fun, not expecting anything, ok lar, I was kinda expecting at least one or two things from the list.

So here goes,  what I got for my birthday from my lovely friends and family!

Funky socks from Neoh.

Edamame toy from Hisako. Now my puchi-puchi won't be lonely ;p
(all the way from Japan)

Ok, the La Senzas are from Mayo and Jin, but I don't remember which is from who, cause they both came together.

From Miki, also from Japan :)

I found this at the flea market!! Haven't paid my mom back though >_<

Harajuku Music 10ml perfume from Wei Lee, this came as a total surprise.

From my sistah!

From my mommy. GREEN YOGA MAT!

And last but not least....
From my other half.



ArchDyeu said...

Oh yea, happy belated birthday my winged sis, i totally did not know (or forgot)


Diyana said...

ahaks, no sweat lar winged bro. i dunno urs either >_<